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Services and Fees

Individual and Family Therapy

I can work individually with clients or engage in relational and family work among members. Please note that, if your family would benefit from both individual and family work, it might not be appropriate for me to step into both of those roles. I might be able to see multiple family members individually; I assess this on a case-by-case basis. I can provide referrals to additional providers as needed.

Fees are based on session length. Session length is determined by the client's unique needs and might vary depending on what is needed at the time of session:

Initial Intake: $250

60-Minute Session: $200

45-Minute Session: $155

30-Minute Session: $100

Sliding scale fees are determined based on household income and number of family members.

Psychological Evaluations

I can provide evaluations for diagnostic clarification of many mental health diagnoses and concerns, including:

- Academic accommodations


- Anxiety disorders

- Autism

- Behavioral disorders

- Bipolar disorder

- Cognitive assessments

- Depressive disorders

- Developmental disorders

- Disability assessments

- Impulse-control disorders

- Learning disorders

- Memory issues

- Obsessive compulsive disorders

- Personality disorders

- Psychotic disorders

- Risk assessments

- Testing accommodations

- Trauma-related disorders

- Waiver evaluations

Fees for evaluations are:

Diagnostic Interview and Mental Status Examination: $250

Administration of Assessments: $215/hour

Scoring, Interpreting, and Report Writing: $275/first hour; $215/additional hour

Reviewing Test Results: $155

Most evaluations cost $900-$1,200 if you are paying out of pocket. If you are using insurance, the cost will depend on your plan. I encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to inquire about the cost to you. I cannot guarantee what coverage will be, and I will not know your balance due until after I bill for the service.

If you require additional sessions to address further questions that arise after we have reviewed your report, those sessions are billed based on length at my individual therapy rates.

***Please be aware that I am unable to offer autism evaluations for residents of North Dakota. If you are seeking an autism evaluation and are a resident of North Dakota, please read this post regarding why I have this policy.***

Court-Ordered Assessments, Child Custody Issues, and Conservatorship

I am not a forensic psychologist or custody evaluator. As such, I am unable to conduct court-ordered evaluations or assessments intended for use in the legal system. This includes evaluations that have not been ordered by a judge but were recommended by an attorney. This additionally includes evaluations for competency or to establish conservatorship or guardianship.

I am also unable to provide a recommendation or opinion about child custody.

In the event that I receive a subpoena for records about an existing client, I require an order signed by the judge prior to releasing records or testifying. For minors, both parents must sign a release of information for records to be released. For adults, I will speak with you about the request and ensure that you understand and consent to what will be released.

If I am called to testify or release records to court, I will provide an estimate for my fee for expert testimony and require that this estimate be paid in full prior to the court date. If the fee exceeds the estimate, I will send a bill for the balance, and if the fee is lower than the estimate, I will provide a refund for the difference within 30 days of the court date.

If your child is a therapy client, please be mindful of the impact of my testimony on the therapeutic relationship when requesting records, treatment summaries, or testimony.

Court-related fees cannot be billed to insurance. If I am called to testify but then released, you must still pay the fee for my time already spent preparing for court, traveling, consultation, et cetera. Fees will be detailed in the estimate provided upon receipt of a court order.

Additional Fees and Policies


For canceled or rescheduled appointments, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice. If you need to cancel due to illness or another emergency, I understand and request that you let me know as soon as you are unable to make your appointment.

Missed Appointments

Your time is important, and I hold your session time for you. This is why I ask that you let me know if you cannot make an appointment. If you miss a therapy appointment without letting me know or cancel without sufficient notice, you may be billed a $60 no-show fee.

For intakes and evaluations, I know that waiting weeks for an appointment can be frustrating. This is why I ask that you let me know if you need to cancel your appointment so that I can offer it to someone on the cancelation list. If you miss your initial appointment or cancel without sufficient notice, you may be subject to a $100 no-show fee.


You can schedule your appointment multiple ways. My electronic health record, Therapy Notes, has a client portal that shows you my availability and allows existing clients to request specific appointment times. If the availability shown in the portal does not work for you, you can call or email me to find a time that fits your schedule.

To schedule an initial appointment, contact me via phone or email. I will speak with you about your needs and determine whether I am able to meet them. If I am unable to provide the service you need, I will give you information about another provider who may be able to help you.


If I am able to work with you, I will send you information about consent, fees, payment, and setting up your client portal. After you have signed consent paperwork and provided information about insurance and method of payment, we will find an intake time that works within your schedule. I will first offer you my soonest available appointment time and give you the option to be placed on my cancelation list.

Contact Between Appointments

I understand that things come up, and you might need to contact me in between sessions. I am available between approximately 10am and 6pm Central time Monday through Thursday and typically respond to emails and phone messages within one business day. If I am very busy or am dealing with an emergency, it may take me up to three business days to respond. Typically, clients may request updates and check ins lasting less than 15 minutes total free of charge. If you require communication that takes more time, I request that you let me know that you need a last-minute appointment. This way, I can ensure that I have set aside sufficient time to address your needs. These appointments are billed at my session rate based on length.

Crisis Information

RMH Therapy offers outpatient mental health care that is not appropriate for those who need intensive outpatient care, partial hospitalization, or hospitalization. However, crises by nature are often unpredictable. In the event that you need immediate care between sessions, please use the information below:

If you are in South Dakota, 211 is a statewide hotline that can provide crisis services and referral information. More information is available at Helpline Center's website.

If you are in Montana, the Montana Warm Line offers non-crisis peer support and referral information when you call 1-877-688-3377. Crisis services are available based on your location. Information about location-based crisis services in Montana is available on the Montana Health Department's website.

If you are in New York, you can text GOT5 to 741741 for anonymous support 24/7 or call (800)273-8255. More information about crisis support in New York is available through the Office of Mental Health.

If you are in North Dakota, 211 is a statewide hotline that can provide crisis services and referral information. More information is available at Help Is Here's website.

If you are in Florida, you can find information about local mobile crisis information on Nami's website here.

If you are in Wisconsin, you can find information about local crisis support at Prevent Suicide Wisconsin. Additional information about statewide resources is available through the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

If you are in South Carolina, you can contact the Statewide Crisis Response Dispatcher at 833-364-2274. More information about local crisis resources is available through the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

Clients in any of these locations can call 988 for immediate mental health support.

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